Crocs and Metro Brands Strengthen Existing Partnership for Expansion in India

Crocs and Metro Brands extend their partnership, aiming for growth in India's footwear market, offering innovative and comfortable options.
Metro x crocs partnership extends

In a move aimed at fostering growth and expanding their presence in the Indian market, Metro Brands Limited (MBL) has announced the extension of its partnership with Crocs India Limited (CIL), a global leader renowned for its innovative casual footwear.

The renewal of this strategic alliance comes in the form of a comprehensive retail partnership agreement. While the core essence of the collaboration remains intact, certain pivotal changes have been introduced to further bolster the synergy between the two entities.

Notably, MBL has been granted exclusive rights to own and operate Crocs “full price” stores across the western and southern regions of India. Additionally, there has been an extension in the residual balance term of the contract. Furthermore, MBL will retain the rights to sustain, renew, and manage all existing stores currently operational in the Northern and Eastern states of India.

This collaboration traces its roots back to 2008 when Crocs’ products were first introduced within MBL’s multi-brand outlets. Over the years, the partnership has evolved significantly, culminating in a nonexclusive retail license agreement signed in 2015.

This agreement empowered MBL to distribute Crocs products throughout India, aligning seamlessly with MBL’s overarching mission of introducing global brands to the Indian market while delivering a dynamic retail experience to its discerning clientele. Presently, MBL oversees a network of over 200 exclusive Crocs stores across the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Sumit Dhingra, Vice President & General Manager for India, Middle East & Africa at Crocs, expressed his appreciation for Metro Brands’ instrumental role in enhancing Crocs’ presence in India.

He emphasized how Metro Brands has effectively translated Crocs’ unique value proposition—centered on self-expression, personalization, and iconic comfort—into a retail experience that resonates deeply with Indian consumers. Dhingra further articulated Crocs’ enthusiasm to embark on this continued journey with Metro Brands, aiming to expand their reach and unlock new possibilities for customers across India.

Echoing Dhingra’s sentiments, Nissan Joseph, CEO of Metro Brands Limited, hailed the partnership with Crocs as truly extraordinary. He conveyed Metro Brands’ unwavering commitment to furthering Crocs’ footprint in the Indian market, underlining their shared vision for growth and innovation.

As Crocs and Metro Brands solidify their collaboration, they are poised to leverage their collective strengths to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for quality footwear in India. With a renewed focus on customer-centricity and innovation, this partnership is primed to carve new milestones in the Indian retail landscape.


The extension of the partnership between Crocs and Metro Brands marks a significant milestone in the realm of footwear retailing in India. With a shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, the two entities are set to embark on a journey of expansion and innovation, promising a vibrant retail experience for consumers across the country.

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