Elmo Leather Launches Expert-Led Leather Training Academy For All

Academy For All

Elmo Leather has unveiled the Leather Academy, a series of meticulously designed training programs that aim to impart comprehensive knowledge about leather across the entire value chain. With nearly a century of expertise in the leather industry, Elmo is committed to educating clients about the myriad benefits of leather. Whether you are looking for a quick 30-minute introduction at your office or an immersive two-day course at their tannery, Leather Academy has a program tailored for you.

Events and Workshops – Customized Programs for 1 to 2 Hours

The bespoke workshops offered by Leather Academy are designed to highlight and communicate the unique value of leather.

These sessions are customized based on the participants’ roles within the supply chain, often focusing on educating manufacturers about leather’s unique selling points. This education is crucial for manufacturers to effectively communicate these benefits to their customers.

The workshops are interactive and engaging, incorporating activities such as painting and printing on leather, or creating items from scrap material. This hands-on approach not only makes learning enjoyable but also underscores the importance of utilizing existing resources to create valuable products.

Luncheons – Focused Training in 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

For those pressed for time, Leather Academy offers intensive, tailored training sessions during lunch hours. These courses are specifically designed to address the client’s unique needs or interests.

Topics covered may include the leather production process, eco-conscious practices like zero waste and animal welfare, or the properties of leather such as texture, materiality, and color options for interior projects or furniture design.

In addition, these sessions explore the synergy of combining leather with other materials like textiles, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This cross-material expertise helps clients envision innovative uses for leather in their projects.

In-Depth Training – Full Course Over 1 to 2 Days

For a comprehensive understanding of the leather industry, Leather Academy offers an immersive two-day course at their Svenljunga tannery.

This program covers every step of the leather-making process, from rawhide to finished product, emphasizing the value added at each stage.

Participants will gain in-depth knowledge about the various types of leather produced, their specific purposes, and their aesthetic and tactile differences.

The hands-on experience at the tannery allows for a deeper understanding of leather, with opportunities to closely examine and feel the material. Additionally, participants can interact with Elmo’s knowledgeable staff, gaining insights into the production and laboratory processes.

In conclusion, the Leather Academy by Elmo Leather is a testament to their dedication to sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise in the leather industry at this day & age. By offering a range of training programs tailored to various needs and schedules, Elmo ensures that clients and partners can fully appreciate the unique qualities and benefits of leather. Whether through a brief luncheon session or an in-depth two-day course, participants will leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for this timeless material. For more information or to book a session, contact Elmo Leather at the details provided below.

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