CSIR-CLRI’s Strategic Meeting & Workshop Paves the Way for Innovation & Sustainability in Zimbabwe Leather Industry

In a bid to enhance Zimbabwe's leather sector, Lupane State University hosts CSIR-CLRI team, fostering strategic collaborations and sustainable solutions for industry growth.
CSIR-CLRI team at Zimbabwe

In a bid to foster enduring collaborations aimed at a sustainable future, a strategic meeting took place at Lupane State University, Zimbabwe, on April 30, 2024. The meeting brought together esteemed representatives from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR-CLRI), Dr. B. Madhan, Chief Scientist, and Dr. S. Sundarapandiyan, Senior Scientist, alongside the Vice Chancellor and faculty members of Lupane State University.

The gathering served as a platform to deliberate on the impactful interventions of CSIR-CLRI across various African countries, with a particular emphasis on charting a course for mutual success in the leather sector. Dr. Fortune Jomane, from Lupane State University, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the visit, which included engagements with key institutions such as the Leather Institute of Zimbabwe and a tannery in Bulawayo.

Central to the discussions was the exploration of strategic collaborations aimed at fostering the growth of the leather manufacturing industry in Zimbabwe. The CSIR-CLRI team emphasized the importance of leveraging expertise and resources to drive innovation and sustainability within the sector, thereby contributing to economic development and job creation.

As part of their engagement, Dr. B. Madhan and Dr. S. Sundarapandiyan delivered presentations on cleaner and sustainable technological options in leather manufacture. The presentations took place during a workshop organized by Lupane State University and the Zimbabwe Leather Development Council on April 29, 2024, in Bulawayo. The workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange and capacity-building, further cementing the commitment to collaborative progress.

In conclusion, the strategic meeting at Lupane State University marks a significant step towards fostering partnerships that hold the promise of a vibrant and sustainable future for the leather sector in Zimbabwe. Through shared expertise, innovation, and collaboration, stakeholders are set to unlock new opportunities and overcome challenges, paving the way for inclusive growth and prosperity.

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